Aloha, Marie!

Hi Marie,
I have some quiet time and my computer is begging to be used...unfortunately I have so little to say these days.
It's been a too exciting week with the east coast getting hit by hurricane sandy. It's not rational but when New York City is threatened by anything like this I just sit down and worry my brains out. Doesn't do a bit of good but it just has a mind of its own. It didn't help when I asked Mark, while we were skyping, to turn the camera towards the street so I could see how windy it was. It was just a simple vision of the expected trees blowing back and forth. No cars flying through the air and they still had the front of their building. But it began the endless visualizations and I got quite worked up. Stopped watching all the news coverage. The next morning Jenna posted that they were all right and that helped, but I was still amped up for a long time.

Other than that, I must honestly report that I am still overwhelmed with this new life. There's no bad news that makes it worse...it's just constant change. Some of it's major, but not often. It's more the little everyday things that are so relentless that I could just scream. Dan and I both came home from rehab with so many good intentions to settle right into the new life. But the cheeriness wore off. There are still 1000 decisions to make, chores to do, storage problems to solve....all on top of the everyday maintenance. Plus I'm a newbie so it's a real pain in the neck to have to do things like go buy a damn toilet seat. It gets done, though, and then the new toilet seat lolls around the house with no-one eager to put it on.
We still get lots of company. That's pretty cool, experiencing how much everyone cares. And if I need help I usually can find it, but it often takes a while to get it coordinated so there is nothing about speedy service anymore.
Dan just received a new chair for his shower. He has tried it and isn't convinced it's perfect. Oh, wait! Nothing's perfect, right???? So true. I have to admit that there are a ton of great lessons to be learned from a big transition like this. The pain comes when the human doesn't adjust quickly enough to each little things and they just pile up. When that happens, naps help. So do popsicles.

Signing off with a happy note:

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