Life is good

I am having a great week! And, gosh, now that I say that I remember that my astrologer told me mid-January was going to finally give me some relief. How about that? It was a long long spell of way too much stress. The 2 things that have relieved my mind the most are that Dan's mobility is much improved and also that the house is finally under control. Woo hoo! Dan got a new walker last month, one with brakes and a seat. The other one was bare bones and only good for short jaunts, like from room to room. Once he got this one he started daily walks in the neighborhood. It's really pretty amazing to watch him...the process is very slow and very difficult but he just doesn't give up. I sometimes am driving home and as I turn onto our street he's walking...putting one foot in front of the other with a determined look on his face. He's pretty inspiring. The consequence of the determination and hard work is that he gets stronger. And as he gets stronger he's able to take longer walks, etc.

The other bright spot is the house! For the last 6 months the work on getting organized was agonizing. Every time I cleaned out one area, it was at the expense of order in another area. It kept going around in circles. So maddening! And depressing. Usually this was how it went: I'd gird my loins (???) and put my nose to the grindstone (???) and organize something. Maybe 2 things. Then I would be tired (or sick and tired) and I'd go to bed. Maybe for a few days. It got so monotonous I just wanted to jump off a building. The going to bed thing was a 2 part thing: one part was just needing physical rest from exertion. The other part was escape. I just had to get away! Good grief, I really thought it would never end. Now, here's the reason I've gone into so much detail about how grueling the last months have been: last week, all at once, ALL the rooms were in order at once. I still don't know exactly how I pulled that off. Three rooms looked like kaka and then, in one day, they looked great. Anyway, that might be boring to read, but to live it....ahh, heaven.

Now I am concentrating on other things once again. Have gone back to volunteering at a youth service agency. Getting trees pruned. Catching up with things not done during remodel, like storage cabinets. Am starting to cook again. Last night we had chicken and baby bok choi in oyster sauce. Mmmm. Like I said, life is good.

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