Just another day

Today I did a nice shift at my diversion program volunteer job. I wrote up a lot of cases, plus some bureaucratic forms for each kid. I think the reason I like this job is I get to finish each case (at least the part of it that I'm responsible for.) If something isn't done right away, like a remodeling project, and it hangs around for too long, one tends to get testy. And impatient, etc.

Came home and Dan and I shopped together. The modern way: we each had our laptops open to Amazon and picked out things together. What is this world coming to? Actually, what happened was that he'd put a few things in his cart to purchase but was $.04 short of being able to get free shipping.  We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find something else to buy. Either it wasn't in stock or wasn't eligible for free shipping. He finally got up and took a walk.

This weekend Lara and I are going to go to Portland to goof off. We've been talking about it for years and finally just said f*ck it, let's just go. Planning is a form of procrastination it seems. We're going to a jazz thing Friday night but the rest of the time I'm on a foodie rampage. I keep hearing about cool places to eat there and now I have a chance to try them out.  Voodoo doughnuts.  Hawaiian food. Hot dogs.

Maybe Powell's.  No Saturday Market! It doesn't open til March 2.  I wouldn't mind getting in the habit of traversing southern WA to go visit OR more often. Esp. eastern OR...sounds interesting over there. 

It's getting dark out, I have some fresh Alaskan cod and Washington oysters to cook so will sign off.

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