Wrestling with blogspot

Wow and whew! I was so long away from the blog that i forgot how to log in and then, of course, google had changed quite a bit. But I figured it out due to great perseverence. I really feel like writing these days and I love doing this blog so I just wouldn't give up.

If anyone is still reading this, then hi! 

Today is national handwriting day but it's hard to do a blog with a pencil in my hand so i'll just cheat this once.

Things have been busy in our house. Dan continues to increase his physical capabilities and is going to walk again someday, I'm sure of it. Right how he's practicing standing without holding on and, believe me, that's a big deal. He just doesn't know how to give up and that's what has served him so well these past 2 years.

We still find that we can't do all around the house and yard that needs doing so sometimes I feel like an avalanche is chasing me.  Hiring people to help seems logical but it's hard to admit that we need so much help. I keep thinking I can do it all, but when "all" doesn't get done, then I wonder just when I'll have to have permanent help.

I've also had very little stamina for about 6 months, so I can't work for very long before I need to crash.  Well, Dan told me last summer that I was having trouble breathing while sleeping so I had a sleep study done and got the results yesterday. It turns out I have some mild/moderate "sleep interruptions" but enough to make me hope that's all that causing the fatigue.  So I'm getting a sleep mask (c-pap).  Can't wait!

Ah, but I catch myself when I get excited like that. I say "can't wait" because I think I'll return to my 25 year old self when i had beautiful endless energy.  Is that even possible these days? Maybe with extensive anti-aging strategies, but I'm not the type to get over-involved in that. I did decide recently to do a "relaxed" plant-based diet in the hopes of getting healthier.

"Relaxed" means I'll eat a lot more veggies and non-animal sources of food, but not cut them out entirely.  My brother gave me a book, Forks Over Knives (meaning nutrition trumps surgery) and I'm liking the recipes.  Last night I steamed veggies and made a tahini-liquid amino sauce to put on top with pine nuts. It was awesome and I'm glad I'm getting out of my eating rut.