Quick! Before I forget how to post

It's amazing...3 readers saw the previous post.  Blogs are so weird....all this communicating and I don't even know if anyone's going to read it. Kind of like that saying about the tree falling in the forest and I can't hear it...did it make a sound?

So anyway. Here I am, just caught up on calendars and checkbook entries.  Am bored silly with such things but the alternative leads to despair. Missed appointments and forgetting to pay a bill or paying it twice is what happens if I don't spend hours doing this kind of thing. Makes life a big chore.

Great news about Seahawks, eh?  Lara and Per came down from Seattle for a little cheerleading time with the oldsters. We ate well and got the freezer defrosted as well. How good can it get?  Vegetarian chili one day and baked chicken the next. Mmmm to both of them.

Lately I've toyed with the idea of eating plant-based protein instead of animal-based. My oldest brother assures me that plant-based eating is researched enough to show significant decrease in American illnesses so it makes sense. Right? Well, so I started in with recipes, fully on board with eschewing meat.  And I was pleasantly surprised with how good they were, like the vegetarian chili.  Good so far....

Then we decided we'd better empty said freezer of all the (really good) meat we have....most is grass-fed, organic, etc.  But it's still from animals so I couldn't wait to get rid of it all.  Only I realized as I roasted chickens and made hamburgers that I really like meat!  What to do, what to do? Actually I know the answer to that: I am going to simply increase my intake of plant-based protein and hope for the best.

I already know that dairy is not a great food source for me...so that's going to be the hardest part. I do love butter and ice cream.  Yes, yes...I know, there's a great iced coconut "ice cream". It's conveniently purchased down the street at my Food Co-op but it's $7 a pint! Geez. Actually, maybe that's a good thing...I'll give myself much smaller servings to stretch it out. 

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I always read your posts.